3E partners with Baze to deliver intelligent wind farm monitoring and operations software

BazeField Wind Farm Management system will now be incorporated into part of 3E’s SynaptiQ Wind software portfolio.

SynaptiQ Wind is a multi-user, multi-technology software platform for wind portfolio management as well as reporting and business intelligence. It will now be powered by the same robust and scalable software foundation as Baze Technology’s own BazeField® system.

3E has a 15 year track record in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. The company’s expertise in the energy industry and significant client portfolio makes this a complementary and exciting partnership for Baze Technology.

“We believe 3E and their SynaptiQ Wind platform will increase our access, competence and experience. Together we will deliver the best software for the wind power industry,” says CEO Sigurd Juvik of Baze Technology.

“Applying the power and flexibility of the BazeField software platform to SynaptiQ’s unique business intelligence for optimised wind farm management positions our software solutions at the forefront of the wind industry transition towards independent asset management services” added Geert Palmers, CEO of 3E.