Cost-effective, accurate, offshore wind measurements

The FLiDAR floating LiDAR is an offshore meteorological station designed for marine renewable energy technologies. FLiDAR can measure wind potential up to 200m above mean sea level with an accuracy equivalent to the performance of onshore measurement devices.

  • First validated and commercially deployed floating LiDAR device in the world
  • Fast design and manufacture
  • Reduced O&M time and cost
  • Highly accurate
  • Proven survivability

The FLiDAR device is built, deployed and serviced by FLiDAR N.V., a joint venture established in August 2012 between 3E and OWA (offshore wind contractor, daughter company of DEME group), with technology from Leosphere.


Robust, medium-size wind turbine for off-grid, hybrid and remote applications

XANT’s goal is to bring tailored wind turbine technology to community wind projects that enable farmers, businesses, schools, and villages to reduce energy costs wherever they live and work. XANT builds turbines with:

  • Extremely high reliability
  •  Simple logistics
  • Increased yield at low winds