Join us on September 24th from 10:00 to 13:30
to discuss urban challenges and evolutions
in the building sector!


Interventions from a panel of top speakers :

Kristiaan Borret (Master architect of the Brussels-Capital Region)
Gert Nys (CEO CityDev)
Geert Palmers (CEO 3E)


This year, we draw the bigger picture by focusing on 3 key trends shaping the future of urban development:


1. Cities are changing

Our cities have developed more requirements in terms of sustainability. What is at stake in terms of building design, energy performance, environmental impact, user comfort, certifications,…?

2. Society is changing

Urban developments reflect the challenges and requirements of an ageing and multi-cultural society: new flexible housing solutions, fading boundaries between private and work spheres, new types of mobility,…

3. Our sector is changing

The increasingly complex communication between all players (planners, architects, engineers, contractors,…) is impacting new developments, and even more when it comes to public-private partnerships. There is a clear need for effective communication between stakeholders and for efficient tools to build bridges between competencies, roles and responsibilities within the entire building chain.


Location: 3E Brussels


Future trends in sustainable urban development - 24/09/2015 - Registration