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3E reinforces its presence on the global market

Régis Decoret has been appointed Country Manager – France and North Africa, and will be based in our Paris office, starting October 1st. Régis will be managing the 3E consultancy and SynaptiQ businesses in France and North Africa, the latter becoming a very dynamic market with lots of potential for renewables. Régis started his career […]

The first mid-sized wind turbine in Singapore

Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore (REIDS), is the first micro-grid in South-East Asia and the largest hybrid micro-grid in the tropics. It will test the integration of solar, wind, tidal, diesel, storage and power-to-gas technologies, and demonstrate how these energy sources operate well together. ENGIE, world’s largest independent electricity producer will develop a diverse […]

Energy transition for social housing

Towards an energy transition of the social housing stock of La Ruche Chapelloise The social housing company ‘La Ruche Chapelloise’ has the ambition to drastically improve the sustainability of its housing stock, counting over 1300 dwellings, by introducing renewable energies en energy efficiency. 3E was contracted to make an optimised proposal for possible energy concepts […]

Business models for Renewable Energy aggregators

With the profound transformation of the energy system currently taking place in Europe, new challenges arise for energy actors dealing with the increasing share of renewable electricity generation. Among others, these have been identified as the reduction of incentives for energy production from renewable sources, the intermittency of electricity generation and the price volatility in the […]

2 new Solar Bankability reports available

The Solar Bankability project aims to establish a common practice for professional risk assessment, which will serve to reduce the risks associated with investments in PV projects. The solar Bankability team has just released 2 reports which are now available upon request: “Minimizing Technical Risks in Photovoltaic Projects” In the project report “Technical Risks in […]

Alternative power solutions in Liberia

In Liberia, 3E has been appointed by the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) to perform a pre-feasibility assessment on options for sustainable power supply in public services. There are many infrastructural shortcomings complicating the service outreach and adequate functioning of county administrations, sector offices and their service delivery; poor energy security being a major challenge. Today […]

Urban microclimate and energy concept analysis

Microclimate analysis and due diligence on the energy concept design for the Quatuor Building, Brussels The real-estate operator Befimmo is planning to construct the “Quatuor Building”, a new office building of 60.000 m² situated near the Rogier square in Brussels, in order to replace the actual “Noord Building”. Sustainability objectives are ambitious: reaching a minimum […]

Scientific Paper: How accurate is your solar irradiation data?

Irradiation data derived from satellite images are increasingly used as input for long-term yield assessment and as reference yield for monitoring and business reporting. The reference yield is usually used as a basis for verifying the fulfilment of contractual key performance indicators (KPIs), for example: performance ratio (PR) or energy-weighted availability. The under- or overachievement […]

3E gathering momentum in Maghreb region

Since early 2015, 3E has worked over more than 2GW of wind projects in Morocco and Tunisia, for a wide range of European and Moroccan customers. Most of the projects are under development, especially in Tunisia, but Moroccan projects are usually more advanced and 3E is in the process of completing its first full scope […]

3E launches a third spin-off company: Wattson!

Wattson is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that combines the study, construction, financing and follow-up of energy saving measures into one customised service package.   The customer pays nothing in advance. Wattson’s investments and services are compensated by the lower energy bills resulting from energy savings.   Wattson already implemented energy saving measures in 12 residential […]