Business models for Renewable Energy aggregators

With the profound transformation of the energy system currently taking place in Europe, new challenges arise for energy actors dealing with the increasing share of renewable electricity generation. Among others, these have been identified as the reduction of incentives for energy production from renewable sources, the intermittency of electricity generation and the price volatility in the energy system. The aggregation of distributed renewable sources can help tackle these challenges. Within the BestRES project, top research organizations and six RES aggregators in nine European target countries are investigating the business models for renewable energy aggregators in Europe from the standpoint of their economic, social, technical and market benefits. After investigating the current business models, suggestions for their improvements will be made and tested in real life conditions across Europe.

Renewable energy aggregators will accelerate the integration of intermittent electricity sources, reduce energy prices and improve power grid management. These benefits and other aspects of renewable energy aggregation will be discussed in a workshop that will be held in Brussels on the 27th September 2016 in the 3E building situated Kalkkaai 6 / Quai à la Chaux 6 in Brussels, Belgium. This workshop will present the key findings from the most recent BestRES project reports. Register for free and join us in Brussels!

The discussion will present the benefits from collaborating with aggregators, who can be defined as facilitators between the downstream and upstream sides of the electricity markets. After discussing the existing renewable energy aggregator business models, the focus will turn to examining their benefits and challenges from the points of view of power grid operators at one end and electricity consumers at the other. Finally, a panel discussion will engage participants in exchanging views on the overall benefits of energy storage, demand response and RES aggregation.

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