Design of a 100% renewable energy based Belgian Polar Station in Antartica

  Client:   Period:  2014 Work 3E developed the energy concept for the new research centre. It is to be an energy-autonomous base with minimal use of fossil fuel for either heating, water production or electricity. Renewable energy sources are used to meet most energy requirements. Passive house techniques are used to reduce the heat[…]

Integration of a 15MW wind power plant into an island grid in Mauretania

  Client:   Period:  2014 Work 3E has been commissioned by the Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière de Mauritanie (SNIM) to conduct a feasibility study of a 15MW wind farm in the north of Mauritania at the Nouadibou harbour. The scope of the study includes the wind resource assessment, the grid integration study, the environmental[…]

Exploiting the Thermal Storage Capacity in Buildings with Flexible Heat Pump Control

  Client:   Period:  2014-2016 Work This research project, combining industrial research, development and dissemination of knowledge, contributes to reducing technical barriers to the integration of decentralized and intermittent renewable energy. The objective of the research is to analyze the technical and economic optimization of a smart grid by developing technical models that mimic the[…]

Technical Guidance for a 27 MWp PV Plant in Burkina Faso

  Client:   Period:  2015 Work 3E was contracted for technically reviewing the PPA and advice the client on Grid Integration measures for a 27 MWp PV plant in Burkina Faso. 3E advised on the recommended interconnector sizes and power factor management.  

Grid Study for integrating a 7.5 MWp PV plant in Burundi

  Client:   Period:  2015 Work For a 7.5 MWp PV plant near Gitega in Burundi, 3E was asked to perform a grid study including the modelling of the complete national high voltage and medium voltage grid in DIgSILENT PowerFactory based on single line diagrams and information from the grid operator. The assignment covers the[…]

Grid Connection of a 33MW PV Plant in Mali

  Client:   Period:  2015 Work For the connection of a 33 MW PV Plant in Mali, 3E conducted the information gathering, network modelling, model validation with the grid operator, load flow studies, contingency studies, short circuit studies and transient stability studies. Within this project, 3E travelled to Mali and established contact with key staff[…]