A BREEAM excellent certificate for an excellent neighbourhood

On October 27th, 3E proudly delivered Wienerberger the BREEAM Excellent sustainability certificate for “De Duurzame Wijk” (The Sustainable Neighbourhood) in Waregem. The certificate confirms that De Duurzame Wijk meets a whole series of strict sustainability criteria, making it not only a very pleasant place to live, but also one with a proven high environmental quality.[…]


Mini-grids in Africa

Rural electrification in developing countries remains a major development priority for policy makers. While many countries continue to pursue ambitious grid connection programmes, there is an increasing interest in decentralized generation and distribution through mini-grids. To increase the reliability of electricity supply, a large range of approaches to mini-grid development exist already today. Different technologies[…]


Solar Bankability Webinar – 22 November 2016 – 15:00 CET

Solar Bankability & LCOE analysis, Cost and Business Analysis Lessons from Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa This webinar will pool expertise together from the EU funded project “Solar Bankability” and the sub-Saharan region. Solar Bankability aims to contribute to the reduction of the risks associated with investments in solar energy projects and increase trust from investors,[…]



WiseEnergy chooses SynaptiQ as the backbone for a new generation of solar asset management solutions. 3E is proud to announce its new partnership with the WiseEnergy Group. WiseEnergy is the leading solar asset manager in Europe, managing and monitoring a portfolio comprising more than 1,250 plants for an installed capacity of c. 1,700 MW. Founded[…]

3E and RKT Energy join forces in Turkey

Delivering highly performing solar and wind projects with 3E Turkiye 3E and RKT Energy are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint-venture called “3E Turkiye”. This new partnership will enable them to strengthen their position and increase effectiveness on the Turkish market. 3E, with its headquarters located in Brussels, provides consultancy and software services[…]


Understanding the energy performance of buildings to improve energy policies

3E participates in a newly launched EU-funded project, ExcEED, which promises to improve our understanding of our building’s energy performance by collecting data and providing all the information to policy makers, designers, and energy managers. ExcEED aims to develop a European energy efficiency database collecting meaningful data from buildings and districts, and making them available[…]


Unique opportunity to boost your R&D in collaboration with other building technology manufacturers

3E, BBRI and WOOD.BE received approval from the Flemish Agency VLAIO (agency for innovation and entrepreneurship) to launch a new cluster focused on ‘Industrialisation and off-site construction’. The cluster aims at identifying manufacturers, architects, engineering offices, contractors, financial institutions, federations, etc. within the building sector in Flanders, and match their complementarity in terms of industrialisation[…]