The solar bankability project: Read the final report

Best practice guidelines for risk identification, assessment and mitigation The Solar Bankability project aims to contribute to the reduction of the risks associated with investments in sustainable energy projects. The project results should increase trust from investors, financers and insurance companies. The project was called to existence to establish a common practice for professional risk[…]


Brussels leading the way in sustainable urban design

Brussels has the ambition to become a model for sustainable development, aiming to meet the related societal challenges specific to a contemporary city-region. Therefore, the Brussels-Capital Region has developed several courses of action involving all areas of life In a Region that is facing rapid demographic growth, having a deficiency in low-cost housing, affordable and[…]


Acquiring different renewable energy projects on different continents

Advising CGN Europe Energy on wind and solar acquisitions 3E has successfully advised CGN Europe Energy (CGNEE) during the acquisition of the Estinnes wind farm, the largest onshore wind project in Belgium (81MW). The project, commissioned in 2009, was owned by the Belgian developer/operator Windvision, who will continue operating the project. The first phase of[…]


SynaptiQ’s independent reference model outperforms classic PV monitoring

SynaptiQ’s embedded expected yield model simulates each PV plant from array to inverter up to grid connection. The simulation is realised by taking into account component data sheet specifications, the detailed system design parameters and actual meteorological data. In this way, we provide a full independent reference of expected system behaviour for benchmarking string and inverter[…]