White Paper – Satellite-based irradiation data: The new market standard

In 2017, 3E introduced a new satellite-based irradiation data source that makes use of the most advanced Cloud Physical Properties (CPP) models available today ( Through the use of underlying cloud models considering the physical properties of the clouds, 3E has significantly improved the accuracy of the satellite-based irradiation data. Moreover, extensive validation results have[…]


Kristalpark: The largest utility-scale solar PV project in the Benelux

Begin 2017, LRM (an investment company that develops and stimulates economic growth in the Belgian province of Limburg) and the city of Lommel were looking for a technical advisor for the detailed design and the permit application for the Kristal Solar Park, the largest utility-scale solar PV project in the BENELUX. The project of ca.100MWp[…]


Press release: SMA and 3E take PV monitoring to the next level

As the energy landscape is evolving, SMA and 3E are paving the way for independent energy monitoring & management platforms. The solutions from both companies will be directly connected: 3E’s SynaptiQ will be directly accessible through SMA’s new ennexOS Internet of Things platform for energy management. Brussels, 18/06/2018 – As a global leader in PV[…]


Assessing Kenya’s wind potential

The government of Kenya has commissioned the 3E-Eunivy consortium to perform a comprehensive analysis of their large portfolio of ongoing wind measurement campaigns across the country. This initiation from the ministry of energy is part of Kenya’s ambitious energy vision to increase the national electricity generation capacity to 12GW by 2024 from the existing 2.3GW.[…]


‘Solar sharing’ and the right for collective self-consumption

Self-consumption is a strong driver in the revenue model of rooftop photovoltaic systems, and the lack of it could be a deal breaker for specific solar projects. In March 2018, 3E presented solutions through the concept of ‘collective self-consumption’ and a ‘transfer-of-energy’ in the Flemish parliamentary energy commission. The concept can be exemplary for policies[…]


Solar Index Maps: A darker month of April for several countries in the sub-Saharan region

Every month we take a look at the irradiation on the European and African continent with the help of our latest solar data tool: The Solar Index Maps. The Solar Index Map uses 3E’s Solar Data Services and generates detailed maps showing the percentage difference between the solar resource during the period of interest (in[…]


Expression Of Interest: Met masts – Wind Mapping Pakistan

80m lattice masts and components (measurement equipment) In the framework of the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) project on wind resource assessment for Pakistan, implemented by the World Bank, 12 fully IEC 61400-12-1 compliant met masts were installed in different regions of Pakistan. The masts and equipment have been installed by an experienced local company[…]


SynaptiQ Building wins Sodexo’s challenge on smart building solutions

3E is very proud to announce that SynaptiQ Building is the winner of Sodexo’s VivaTech challenge on smart building solutions!  SynaptiQ Building is 3E latest product and uses big data and artificial intelligence to improve comfort, save energy and reduce CO2 and operational costs in building and building portfolios. Technically speaking, SynaptiQ Building is a[…]


Innovation in Construction : Mission Possible

The construction sector is confronted with a variety of challenges: keeping housing affordable, guaranteeing high levels of comfort and convincing architectural quality, maintaining margins, optimizing the construction process to respect tight plannings, meeting ecological requirements, etc. In order to meet all these constraints, innovation is key. As introduced in a former news item, 3E participates in[…]