Financing Ambitious Local Climate Objectives

Implementing ambitious local climate action plans is paramount in the fight against climate change. While sheer aggregated investment volume contained in these plans can contribute meaningfully to the economy, the lack of a comprehensive funding solution undermines their realisation. The FALCO (Financing Ambitious Local Climate Objectives) project, addresses this problem by developing a financing solution[…]


When solar PV technology rhymes with building efficiency

By 2020, every new European building should be a Nearly-Zero Energy Building. Moreover, all new public buildings should already by compliant by 2018. With this new regulation, developers and architects are facing new challenges, and new energy concepts are of utmost importance to reach the targets. Building materials are expected to deliver additional functions, such[…]


3E is supporting Engie in achieving its ambitious 2020 wind target

Engie is successfully developing multiple wind farms across Belgium partially under the holding structure Wind4Flanders (W4F), a public-private partnership investing in onshore wind energy in Flanders. The holding consists of Figga, Fingem, Finilek, IBE, IKA and Engie with the last one owning a share of 50%. The W4F developments are contributing towards achieving ENGIE’s ambitious[…]


3E presents SynaptiQ Building, your AI building manager

3E is proud to present its latest product: SynaptiQ Building. With this latest innovation, 3E delivers improved comfort, energy savings and operational cost reductions for building portfolios. SynaptiQ Building is a software-based solution that uses artificial intelligence to predict building behaviour and automatically steers the building’s energy systems to anticipate these predictions. The software acts[…]


European Workshop: Enabling PV integration by delivering flexibility

The variable nature of some renewable sources, like solar energy, imposes extra requirements and costs for their integration in power systems and markets. The flexibility of large electricity users and the aggregation of smaller users of distributed generation resources can facilitate the integration of variable renewable energy, while reducing the overall power system costs. The[…]


Grasshopper deploys SynaptiQ in Canada

Since 2007, Grasshopper provides solar solutions to homeowners, farmers, municipalities, school boards and businesses all over Ontario in Canada. Their goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices by creating accessible and affordable products for their customers. Grasshopper monitors, maintains, optimises and reports on thousands of residential solar systems in combination with a portfolio[…]


The consumer as the guardian of the power system: The FutureFlow project

The FutureFlow project is now fully engaged and progressing at full speed. 12 partners from 8 different countries are dealing with the challenges of a modern power system where consumers, equipped with state-of-the-art devices, are no longer ordinary consumers, but also produce electricity. They become active players in the power system’s security. Like guardians of[…]


SynaptiQ Wind connects 200 additional wind turbines: Enhanced performance monitoring with hands-on field experience

The expansion of wind asset portfolios on a global level, the size of turbines, the heterogeneity of brands and models within each asset is rapidly increasing the costs related to operations and maintenance and causing investors to focus on the minimization of downtimes. The use of an independent performance monitoring software plays a key role[…]


SolarPower Europe and 3E reveal brand new European Solar Map

SolarPower Europe unveils SolarPower Live Map on solar’s brightest day Brussels, 21 June 2017 – On the year’s longest and brightest day, SolarPower Europe, launched the most dynamic and accurate tool for real-time mapping of solar power generation in Europe. The SolarPower Live Map was made in collaboration with 3E, SMA and SolarPower Europe and[…]


How do PV financial models currently deal with technical assumptions and risks?

The International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power System Programme publishes a new report co-authored by 3E on PV performance and reliability.. Quality and reliability of PV systems was at the core of discussions during this year’s Intersolar Europe fair in Munich. While the PV market grew significantly in the last years, the achievement of long-term reliability[…]


Digitalization and servicification of the building industry

3E brought a clear message to REALTY and the EHPA’s DecarbHeat Forum: The digitalization of the building industry will rapidly cause a servicification of the entire sector, both for technology providers as well as real estate developers. In the past, main economic revolutions often occurred when new energy regimes coincided with new ways of communication.[…]


The solar bankability project: Read the final report

Best practice guidelines for risk identification, assessment and mitigation The Solar Bankability project aims to contribute to the reduction of the risks associated with investments in sustainable energy projects. The project results should increase trust from investors, financers and insurance companies. The project was called to existence to establish a common practice for professional risk[…]