Press release: 3E and Siconia partner up on the Spanish-speaking markets

Brussels, 09/04/2019 — 3E is proud to announce its partnership with Siconia, a Spanish independent engineering consultancy company specialized in photovoltaics. The aim of this cooperation is to strengthen both companies’ market position and to accelerate their business growth by joining their expertise, references and market access. Founded in 1999 in Brussels, 3E has become[…]


Expanding 3E’s impact in Italy

3E joins Italia Solare, the association of the Italian solar PV community, and reinforces its position on the Italian solar PV market. Italia Solare aims to be the national and international reference for sustainable development and energy independence based on the use of clean energy sources, focusing on Solar PV. 3E is committed to boost[…]


How flexible and adaptable buildings serve circular economy

The building sector is known for generating lots of waste. However, thanks to the rise of circular economy, more building or renovation projects succeed in reducing their environmental impact. An option is to develop building designs that reduce the energy and water consumption. Another way is to work on the flexibility and adaptability of those[…]


Rising interest for Circular Economy – How can industrialised construction processes help?

On 13 February 2019, 3E, CSTC and organised the kick-off of the 3th year of the ‘Cluster bouwindustrialisatie’. The aim of this joint commitment is to improve construction processes that will support higher quality, higher productivity, better planning control and more sustainability, and promote circular economy in the construction sector. As circular construction is[…]


Investing in knowledge transfer at the PV Symposium

As next generations will inevitably have to continue today’s undertaken efforts, 3E decided to sponsor the participation of 10 students to one of the most important German events on photovoltaic power. On 19-21 March 2019 the PV Symposium took place at the Banz Abbey in Bad Staffelstein, Germany. During this conference, visitors met political representatives,[…]


ReNew Power contract secures successful entry for 3E and Bazefield in the Indian market

3E and Bazefield have collaborated with ReNew Power to digitalize the Operation and Maintenance for ReNew’s 4100 MW utility scale wind and solar energy portfolio. Both partners entered the very prosperous Indian renewable energy market in 2018. ReNew Power is India’s largest renewable energy Independent Power Producer with a capacity of more than 5800 MW[…]


Discover which 26 islands will become pioneers of the clean energy transition

Today, 26 European islands have officially launched their clean energy transition with the support of the European Commission’s Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat. In a first phase, 6 islands, the Aran Islands (Ireland), the Cres-Lošinj archipelago (Croatia), Sifnos (Greece), Culatra (Portugal), Salina (Italy) and La Palma (Spain) will develop and publish their clean energy[…]


Record revenues in 2018 for solar asset owners in Northern Europe

2018 was an extraordinary year in terms of solar irradiation for several Northern European countries, with more than 10% sunshine than the long-term average (P50) in many places. However, Southern European countries had a much darker year with irradiation values up to 7% lower than the average. An increase or decrease in solar index also[…]


European Policy Workshop in the framework of the BestRES project

The aim of this workshop entitled “RES Aggregators as Enablers of Prosumers and Active Market Participation” is to present some business models for aggregators, supporting prosumers engagement and their clients of decentralized Renewable Energy Sources (RES) production units. As a follow-up on the research carried out in the framework of the BestRES project, this workshop[…]


SolarPower Summit shaping the future of Europe’s energy landscape

Our company is pleased to take part to the next SolarPower Summit that will be held on 6-7 March 2019 in Brussels. Santiago Estrada, International Business Developer of 3E, will share his expertise as a panellist during a breakout session entitled ‘Latest Trends and Innovations in Solar O&M’. Participating in the SolarPower Summit, SolarPower Europe’s[…]


Rising interest for Circular Economy – How can Life Cycle Assessment tools help?

In order to help the construction sector reduce the environmental impact of buildings, the three Belgian regions (i.e. OVAM, Bruxelles Environnement and Service public de Wallonie) have recently developed a new Life Cycle Assessment tool TOTEM (short for ‘Tool to Optimise the Total Environmental impact of Materials’). As this tool allows analysing the environmental impact[…]


Optimizing performance of The Netherlands’ largest floating solar park

With 6,150 panels on an irrigation basin, the solar park of Lingewaard (The Netherlands) is the largest floating solar park on Europe’s mainland. The solar park generates green electricity every year for more than 600 families (over 1.8 GWh per year). The park is an initiative of the Lingewaard municipality with the aim of producing[…]


Solar energy fuelled beer

The German solar market has always been a feeding ground for remarkable and complex solar PV projects. In 2018, S-Tech Energie GmbH commissioned a 420 kWp solar rooftop installation for the Flötzinger Bräu brewery in Rosenheim (Bavaria). S-Tech Energie GmbH, based in Winhöring, Bavaria designs and constructs photovoltaic systems for both industrial, as well as[…]