WELL: Health and comfort building certification

3E has recently become the first WELL Accredited Professional in Belgium. The WELL international building standard uses a holistic approach to health in the built environment, addressing behaviour, operations and design. Why WELL? Our society is currently facing new types of health and well-being issues. According to the WHO, depression will rank as the second worst[…]


Asset management on a portfolio of wind, solar and biogas

SynaptiQ’s comprehensive asset management solution will be deployed on Enovos’ combined portfolio of wind, solar and biogas. Enovos manages a portfolio of above 300 MW of wind, solar and biogas assets in 4 countries. In order to streamline its operations, Enovos has tendered a software solution that allows performance optimisation and reporting, document and contract[…]


Action plan for energy-efficiency in Flemish SMEs

Last year 3E was appointed by the Flemish Energy Agency to work out an action plan to promote SME’s energy-efficiency. The final report has now been made public and can be found here (unfortunately only in dutch). Some key insights resulting from our analysis: Industrial SME’s and companies active in the building industry represent a primary energy[…]


Read the final Market4RES report

Post-2020 framework for a liberalised electricity market with a large share of renewable energy sources   HARMONISATION AND INTEGRATION OF EUROPEAN ELECTRICITY MARKETS In 2008, the European Electricity Regulatory Forum decided to develop a European Union-wide Target Model (TM) and a roadmap for the integration of electricity markets. The TM encompasses the harmonisation of market[…]


Wind turbine component inspection

A challenging phase within the construction of a wind farm is the transportation, of the wind turbine components. These components must be transported over long distances during which they often suffer from transport damages (bumpy roads, difficulties during loading and unloading, unforeseen obstructions) which result in cracks, scratches or other defects on the components. A[…]


10,000m² sustainable office refurbishment for the European Commission

Cours Saint Michel in Tervuren © DDS & Partners Starting in 2008, 3E has assisted the client P&V Insurance in defining a strategy towards energy and sustainability for the refurbishment of around 10.000m² of office space in the city center of Brussels. First, different energy concepts (EPB compliant building, passive building, …) have been studied[…]