Energy meteoreology for system integration services: MeteoRES project publications


The MeteoRES Services research project (funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme – Marie Curie Action) integrates forecasting methods from energy meteorology, software development and energy trading with distributed resources of renewable generation and flexible demand.

During a series of MeteoRES workshops, researchers and industry experts in physics, engineering, ICT and social sciences reviewed the state of the art in the different fields required to make a sustainable and stable future power system become reality.

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Brussels Workshop, October 7th 2013

Oldenburg Workshop, November 19th 2013

Morning sessionState of the art single site wind farm forecasting – Lüder von Bremen (Oldenburg University, Forwind)Load forecasting: statistical methods – Jethro Betcke (Oldenburg University, Energy Meteorology)Demand side management for optimal market value – J an De Decker (3E)

Real time and robust forecasting techniques: scientific programming – Dirk Devriendt and Omar Gammoh (3E)

Afternoon session

State-of-the-art developments in aggregating flexible loads – Fjo Deridder (Energyville, Vito)

The need for forecasting and flexibility: grid perspectives – Lieven Degroote (Eandis)

The need for forecasting and flexibility: RE supplier perspectives – Kris Voorspools (ENECO België)

Flexibility: What’s in it for the end user? – Grégoire Wallenborn (ULB)

State-of-the-art development in distribution grid optimization under the  constraint of large RE contributions  – Johannes Rolink (EWE AG, Oldenburg)Effects of high PV penetration in a low voltage grid – Falko Ebe (Hochschule Ulm)Demand-side management for optimal market value – Achim Woyte (3E)Scientific programming for reliable delivery of operational services – Omar Gammoh (3E)

Current status of solar PV power forecasting – Elke Lorenz (Oldenburg University)

Evaluation of Smart Grid control mechanisms with the “mosaik“ software platform – Sebastian Rohjans (OFFIS, R&D Division Energy)

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