Multi-stakeholder solar PV monitoring

3E’s solar PV monitoring and reporting software platform is designed for performance optimization of multi-brand, multi-technology solar portfolios.

  • Streamline solar PV operations with centralized intelligent data;
  • Analyze performance in detail and diagnose losses directly;
  • See relevant alarm data in uniform formats, categorized by severity in line with your own configurable thresholds;
  • Gain access to reliable production benchmarks calculated with 3E’s solar PV models;
  • Quickly drill down to all equipment in your portfolio thanks to SynaptiQ’s highly intuitive interface.

Multi-level customizable solar PV reporting

SynaptiQ Solar delivers full performance and status reports for any level of a solar PV portfolio and any time granularity, from component to installation and portfolio.

  • Build your own report, focused on your own relevant indicators;
  • Use the interactive interfaces with excel or other external tool for advanced customization;
  • Update your report data in 1 click.

Exceptional compatibility with a maximum number of hardware devices

SynaptiQ is an open solar PV monitoring platform, fully decoupled from any specific monitoring device and built to communicate with a maximum number of components, of any brand. It is now already compatible with over 100 brands of data loggers, inverters and sensors.

  • Connect all your new systems, no matter the equipment and configuration, without extra hardware investment;
  • Stay independent through the lifetime of your PV installation: choose your preferred solar PV monitoring hardware and inverter or component replacements;
  • Choose an adaptable system, which will not be affected by consolidation and evolutions in the market.

Solar PV system performance checks and optimization

SynaptiQ delivers clear comparisons of actual versus expected yield, performance and availability, providing better assessments for quicker problem solving.

  • Analyze system performance with reliable, independent benchmarks of expected behaviour;
  • Diagnose issues sooner and quickly launch interventions;
  • Use integrated O&M intervention tracking tools to optimize planning, in line with available resources and priorities.

Improved communication to stakeholders and clients

SynaptiQ is delivers specific, customizable views and data for all types of users and stakeholders, including EPC contractors, investors, O&M teams, management…

  • Focus only on relevant information with customizable views and simplified user role definition;
  • Report efficiently and coherently to management and investors, using the fully customizable and automated solar portfolio reporting tools;
  • Educate and communicate to the general public and clients with SynaptiQ’s marketing portal.

Centralized intervention management and planning

SynaptiQ facilitates solar PV O&M with simple workflows and centralized management tools.

  • Connect O&M interventions to alarms or preventive maintenance activities;
  • Keep track of O&M interventions in a centralized and synchronized schedule;
  • Communicate O&M intervention scope and planning quickly and efficiently to relevant users.

Validated, complete and reliable data sets

SynaptiQ collects and processes data from all equipment on site for maximum data quality and reliability.

  • Automatic data sanity checks, validation and filtering with specific algorithms
  • Independent modelling and benchmarks’ definition
  • Readable labels and unified alarm formats

SynaptiQ provides solar irradiation data AT ALL TIMES thanks to its multiple fall-back options and integrated models:

  • Sensor or pyranometer data collection
  • Integrated high-quality satellite data