Developing sustainability plans that are technically feasible, financially attractive and truly environmentally friendly

20_mag_grey Technology screening

Based on data analyses and preliminary resource assessments, we define optimal technology options to fit a site, budget and set of constraints.

We know and work with all types of renewable energy production and building technologies (solar thermal, bio, geothermal, heat pumps, CHP, hybrid systems for remote sites) and have experience with innovative solutions such as low temperature heat networks and thermal storage.

We deliver feasibility studies on promising concepts or perform reviews and due diligence on chosen energy measures.


planet__2_  Integrated energy strategies

Based on clear ambition level scenarios, we help developers design energy strategies and plan the layout of their site taking into account water, waste, materials and biodiversity.

  • Collective energy systems
  • Energy concept design, spatial optimization
  • Nearly-zero energy building design
  • Support in managing¬† and following-through with certification schemes or sustainability plans for large-scale real-estate developments
  • Technical consulting and advisory on technology selection and implementation

Integrated sustainability solutions from user to site

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