Responding to the challenges of distributed generation and large-scale renewable energy integration


Icons2013-06 Modelling and analysis

We offer advisory services, advanced models and policy analysis tools to help project developers, grid operators and planning authorities in planning power system evolutions, focusing on the key challenges of the transmission and distribution systems today:

  • The power distribution system is currently not designed to capture power from decentralized power plants working from intermittent sources
  • The power transmission system is structurally weak at coastal zones, where large power volumes will arrive from offshore wind power plants
  • The power market does not provide the correct incentives for market actors to contribute to overall system optimization


20_ideas_grey Research and development

We continuously enhance our consultancy services on grids and markets with our in-house research team, which regularly participates in international research projects.

Some of our latest projects include:

MetaPV The first European photovoltaic smart grid demonstration and an analysis of ancillary grid services from distributed PV.
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NorthSeaGrid_Logo An analysis of how to remove barriers to the development of an North Sea offshore grid, based on 3 concrete case studies.
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ReServices An investigation of wind and solar based grid support services at EU level.
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