Reliable insight on solar PV project potential and risks

We use our combined expertise in solar PV technology, data analysis and building / grid infrastructure to:

  • Assess potential of solar PV plant projects and identify risks
  • Plan and design installations for optimal performance, based on reliable long-term yield estimations
  • Provide independent analyses, performance reviews and reports


20_chart_grey Bankable long term yield assessments

Our validated data analysis methodology and modelling tools are based on over 15 years of experience working on all types of commercial to utility-scale solar PV projects.


20_guidance_grey Technical support and consulting through development

We support our clients in navigating the complex process of planning solar PV developments, guiding them through:

  • The selection of suitable sites
  • Photovoltaic technology and layout choices
  • The development of technical specifications and quality manuals for photovoltaic park components, including all monitoring systems
  • The screening and selection of suppliers
  • The drafting and review of contracts (EPC, O&M, PPA, etc.)

In addition, our in-house experts in grid integration and grid connection focus specially on ensuring intelligent grid interaction of distributed PV.

Consulting services through the solar PV project lifecycle

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