Support in assessing and selecting PV modules and inverters

We assess long term quality of modules, inverters and other PV system components, supporting our clients in evaluating and selecting equipment for their installations, with minimal risk.

We deliver factory audits or on-site audits with in particular:

  • Evaluations of concept, design and material choice
  • Manufacturing process evaluations
  • Company management assessments
  • Contracts, guarantees, packaging and transport checks


In-depth understanding of PV technologies and trends

We have a track-record of over 50 factory audits in Europe and Asia (China, India, Japan) for all types of PV modules (conventional crystalline silicon, thin film -amorphous silicon and group III-V semiconductor- and concentrator PV modules) and component assessments.

Our consultancy work is also continuously enhanced by our in-house research and innovation.

20_ideas_grey Find out more here about our applied research in solar energy and our latest publications.

Consulting services through the solar PV project lifecycle

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