Technical support in planning and developing high performance wind projects with maximum yield

Designing a wind farm for high performance is a balancing act. It involves matching the right turbine technology and layout to the grid constraints, terrain and wind climate of a site while ensuring accessibility, limiting environmental impact, and optimizing financial performance.

3E provides technical guidance at every step of the wind project development process, with insight from our experience worldwide.


20_mag_grey Planning & feasibility: selecting optimal locations, understanding project constraints

We deliver:

  • Wind mapping and mesoscale modelling, onshore and offshore
  • Constraint studies
  • Wind turbine suitability assessments
  • Grid connection and integration pre-assessments

In our home markets we also take over environmental impact assessments (noise, shadowing, visual impact…) and permitting process in full.


20_ops_grey Design: technical guidance through project set-up

We guide owners and facilitate the decision-making process throughout project development, with clear, reliable technical input on project set-up and potential.

  • Detailed wind farm layout for optimized profits and minimal maintenance
  • Balance of wind plant pre-design, with cost analysis
  • O&M strategy definition and cost modelling
  • Contract and contract interface reviews


25_sat_grey Resource assessments and bankable yield reporting

  • Full set-up and follow-up of measurement campaigns, onshore and offshore
  • Annual Energy Yield optimization
  • Uncertainty analyses, bankable reporting

Our advanced modelling capabilities and 15 years of experience make us one of the most reliable partners for resource assessments and yield evaluations in the world.

See more detail about our resource assessment services

Wind consulting services through the project lifecycle


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