Multi-user data management for your wind portfolio

20_mag_grey Wind farm data and performance analysis

  • Wind and power forecasting
  • Intervention tracking and planning
  • Data mining
  • Advanced, customizable reporting


20_wind_grey  Created for wind experts, by wind experts

SynpatiQ Wind includes pre-configured dashboards, performance benchmarks, and KPIs created by wind experts and operators according to industry best-practice.

The SynaptiQ platform is enriched with business intelligence based on 3E’s 15 year track record in wind energy consulting.


20_ops_grey  Actionable analysis for improved operations: key features

  • Monitoring of turbines & all site equipment, including gear oil monitoring system, blade monitoring devices, wave/current sensors, wind resource measurement equipment…
  • Real-time production overviews with drill-down analysis of downtime, errors, stops
  • Customizable settings & alarm thresholds
  • Detailed production modelling & analysis of losses including wake losses, unavailability, grid curtailment and turbine performance losses
  • Weather forecasts & analysis
  • Day-ahead wind speed & power forecasting