Solar PV Long Term Yield Assessment for Kieszon

  Country:  Netherlands Period:  2015 Work Kieszon has appointed 3E as independent party to perform a Long Term Yield Assessment on a PV system of 4 PV rooftops with a total capacity of 981 kWp located in the Netherlands. 3E uses the best available meteorological data: geographical interpolation of long term radiation data of public[…]

Long Term Yield Assessments of Solaire Direct portfolio

  Country:  France Period:  2011 – Ongoing Work Solaire Direct has trusted 3E as technical advisor to evaluate its portfolio of projects. 3E has helped them to minimize the risks on their photovoltaic systems by calculating an estimation of the long term yield on a period of 25 years. To provide such long term prediction,[…]

Owner’s Engineer Services for the Kathu 75MW Solar Tracking PV Facility

  Country:  South Africa Period:  2013 Work 3E worked together with Aurecon as an owner’s engineer for a 75MW Solar PV facility near Kathu in South Africa. Tasks included: – Design review – Supervision of solar PV generation facilities construction deployed on site as appropriate. – Inspections and quality control. – Tests controls on behalf[…]

Owner’s engineering services for Frontier Investment

  Country:  Kenya Period:  2015 Work 3E acted as owner’s engineer on the first phase of a 50MW ground mounted PV project in Kenya. 3E delivered technical advisory during the pre-development state consisting of a feasibility study and technical support during PPA negotiations and EPC contractor tender.

Owner’s Engineering Services for two solar (PV) plants in Romania

  Country:  Romania Period:  2013 Work 3E acted as owner’s engineer for two ground mounted PV (photovoltaic) projects in Romania, with an installed capacity of 6 and 7MW. Several tasks were performed in the framework of this owner’s engineering mission: • Preparation of EPC tender documents • Assistance during EPC bids evaluation • PV module[…]

Feasibility and design of rooftop PV installations on industrial sites in Burundi

  Country:  Burundi Period:  Ongoing Work 3E is currently engaged in a feasibility study for rooftop solar PV installations on industrial sites in Burundi. The objective of the project is to carry out a techno-economic feasibility study for roof-top or ground-mounted solar photovoltaic systems on 45 company/factory sites in Burundi (most of them located in[…]

Measurement and Long Term Yield Assessment of 11 sites in Turkey

  Country:  Turkey Period:  2013 Work 3E was contracted by Enerjisa Enerji Üretim A.Ş to assess the feasibility of developing and operating PV projects in Turkey. 3E guided the customer throughout the start of the projects during the measurements installation and analysis on 11 sites in Turkey of a total capacity of 296MW. 3E delivered[…]

Feasibility Study for Siyathemba 5GW Solar Corridor

  Country:  South Africa Period:  2012 – Ongoing Work 3E worked in association with in association with Aurecon, Webber Wentzel and Ernst and Young for a detailed feasibility study (to almost bankable level) and design of solar park and corridor for the Central Energy Fund (of South Africa). Actual services provided by 3E consisted on:[…]

Uncovering wind potential in Eastern Europe

  Country:  Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine. Period:  2007 – 2009 Work Preparation of large-scale wind resources assessment in several countries around the Black Sea and carrying out wind measurements, wind mapping for larger areas and provision of bankable reporting and guidance in completing the full micro-siting and turbine selection for large new projects.[…]

Wind study on three sites in Haiti

  Country:  Haiti Period:  2007 – 2009 Work Validation of a wind resource map throughout 6-wind measurements spread over the island. 3E was contracted to performed different tasks: • Installation of 5 met masts and measuring equipment • Data management • Feasibility study for three sites: – Jacmel – Cap Haitien – Lac Azui  

ESMAP – Renewable energy wind mapping

  Country:  Pakistan, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Lesotho Period:  2014 – 2017 Work The World Bank has trusted 3E for the calculation of high quality and validated wind resource maps for different countries using mesoscale modelling and an extensive ground based measurement. the first phase of the projects consists on a preliminary map with[…]

De Aar I&II wind farm

  Country:  South Africa Period:  2016 – 2017 Work 3E has been contracted by Mulillo, one of the main wind farm and PV plant developer and operator in South Africa, to act as Independent Engineer with Duty of Care toward Eskom, the grid operator, to monitor the construction of the 240MW projects. The assignment includes[…]

Fontenai wind farm

  Country:  France Period:  2016 Work French developer IEL relied on 3E to review and better negotiate the Turbine Supply Agreement and O&M contract for the 12MW Fontenai wind farm, in Western France. 3E reviewed the initial Heads of Terms ad is leading the contractual negotiation, focusing on risk shifting, warranty, Liquidated Damages and planning,[…]

Dilsen-Stokkem wind farm

  Country:  Belgium Period:  2015 Work Vasco Group, a Belgian industrial group, was granted the permit for the construction of 4 wind turbines, for a total installed capacity of 8MW, in Dilsen Stokkem, near the border with the Netherlands. 3E was contracted to finalize the electrical ad civil engineering, manage the tendering process for the[…]

Feasibility study to assess the potential of hybrid systems in Mozambique

  Country:  Mozambique Period:  2014 – 2017 Work 3E conducts a feasibility study to assess the potential of 5 hybrid systems in Mozambique. In addition to technical optimization also the potential of different business models is considered. This mission is realized in close collaboration with FUNAE. This project is a follow up to the ongoing[…]

FILASA – Ukraine Wind power development

  Country:  Ukraine Period:  2009 – 2011 Work Assistance in the development of a large wind project 400 MW on the Krim, installing 8 masts of 80m high and performs the full data analysis and project design. 3E perfomed the following services: • Specifications for the measurements • Commissioning of the measurement masts. • Wind[…]


  Country:  Europe Period:  2012 – 2013 Work Development of a software tool for optimal wind farm design based on a large and heterogeneous set of digitalised data containing information from different fields (wind climate, geography, environment, archaeology and land ownership), that will be treated, validated, standardised and converted to this end. Sopcawind optimizes the[…]

Storm Windpower- Project Guidance in Flanders

  Country:  Belgium Period:  2011 – 2015 Work 3E was in charge of project development activities for Storm’s projects in Flanders. 3E wrote the permit application documents (building permit application and environmental permit applications) and reviewed the environmental impact studies, including shadow impact analysis, noise studies and photomontages. Once the project permits were received, 3E[…]

FIT – Feasibility of Renewables in Tanzania

  Country:  Tanzania Period:  2012 – 2018 Work 3E/Energio Verda Africa/TANESCO carried out a feasibility study on the renewable energy potentials in Tanzania. The objective of the study was to identify and quantify the potential of the different renewable energy sources available, worked out a feasibility for a number of preselected sites, assessed its impact[…]