10,000m² sustainable office refurbishment for the European Commission



Cours Saint Michel in Tervuren © DDS & Partners

Starting in 2008, 3E has assisted the client P&V Insurance in defining a strategy towards energy and sustainability for the refurbishment of around 10.000m² of office space in the city center of Brussels.

First, different energy concepts (EPB compliant building, passive building, …) have been studied with regards to investment costs, operational costs, EPB performance, PHP performance and comfort through a thermal dynamic simulation.


Primary energy consumption of different scenarios.

The refurbishment of the office building concerns the insulation of walls, roofs, floors, installation of new windows, installation of new technical installation (lighting, HVAC), …

In the meantime in collaboration with all partners (architects, landscape architects, HVAC engineers, …), 3E has lead a BREEAM pre-assessment to define the ambition level, to define a strategy and to guide the design team through the different sustainability aspects as water, ecology, materials, management, transport, …. This analysis has conducted the client P&V Insurance towards a sustainable strategy where a BREEAM Very Good ambition was defined.

In a second phase, 3E has been nominated as a BREEAM Assessor, with the ambition to achieve a Very Good rating. Perfectly connected to public transport, this project reuses 100% of the structure and 100% of the façade of the existing building. Ecology is strongly improved by maintaining the existing valuable biodiversity and by developing a new landscape design with indigene plants on the esplanade, a large green roof, … Finally, features have been developed to facilitate a sustainable management of the building as a fully equipped building with meters connected to a BMS to measure water (and water leaks), gas, HVAC installations, electrical devices at every half floors, lifts, …


BREEAM final certificate Very good

With a good collaboration with all partners, 3E received the final BREEAM Very Good certificate in 2016 which was definitely an added value for the client P&V Insurance for renting their building to the European Commission.