2 new Solar Bankability reports available



The Solar Bankability project aims to establish a common practice for professional risk assessment, which will serve to reduce the risks associated with investments in PV projects.

The solar Bankability team has just released 2 reports which are now available upon request:

“Minimizing Technical Risks in Photovoltaic Projects”

In the project report “Technical Risks in PV Projects” (Moser et al., 2016), technical risks were identified and categorised for components and phases of the value chain of a PV project. This report presents the results of the identification and categorisation of mitigation measures before and after the operational phase of a PV project.

“Review and Gap Analyses of Technical Assumptions in PV Electricity Cost”

In this report, we present the results of the review exercise on the current industry practices in terms of the technical assumptions in the PV investment cost calculation. In addition, we have performed a gap analysis by comparing the current industry practices with the state-of-the-art scientific data and with the top 20 technical risks identified in the previous Solar Bankability report.