3E anchors down in India!



In January 2019, 3E opened its official branch in India: 3E Renewable Energy Software and Services Pvt Ltd.

3E India mainly focuses on the roll out of our renewable energy asset management software platform SynaptiQ, 3E’s in-house developed technology. This platform enables solar and wind farm owners, asset managers and operators to perform advanced real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis to boost the performance of their portfolios.

The greatest milestone for 3E’s entry in India took place in 2018, when ReNew Power, the leading player in renewable energy in India, selected SynaptiQ to manage their portfolio, currently featuring more than 4 GW of solar and wind assets.

3E also delivers solar consultancy services to other major players. One of those projects is for example its work on the new IKEA shops that are under construction in India. Under this assignment, 3E acts as Owner’s Engineer for IKEA, supporting energy yield assessments during the design phase, EPC and O&M tendering and contracting, and construction and commissioning monitoring for IKEA’s solar rooftop systems in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore and in the upcoming shops in the country.

Geert Palmers, 3E’s CEO: “Our 20-year-long European and African experience in the solar and wind business, as well as our presence in India, can serve the very ambitious Indian solar program, which will strengthen the country’s leading position in the global renewable sector. From this perspective, we are pleased at 3E to share and exchange our experience with our Indian partners to boost the Indian energy revolution“.