3E delivers feasibility project in Thailand


3E is currently delivering a feasibility study over 5 potential projects across 3 different areas in Thailand.

3E was mandated to identify the optimum wind farm layout (turbine locations) and turbine type for 5 wind energy projects across Thailand, starting with a feasability study. In collaboration with the Nathalin Group and commissioned by the Wellstar Energy Corporation, 3E has started the analysis of the data originating from 5 met masts in 3 areas across Thailand. The global analysis also took into account the study of the terrain as well as the access to the sites.

3E sent one of their Wind Experts, Guillaume De Volder, to analyze the potential sites and work from the customer office, in order to get a first feeling of the site, establish a working relationship with the customer, and agree upon a way forward. One of the main aspects related to the real on-site conditions (vegetation, site access, wind assessment,…), as these practical issues of these wind projects are evidently essential to the final implementation.


The second phase leveraged the collected met data to assess the long term wind conditions at the mast locations, before modelling the wind conditions across  the site (see the map below). The methodology involves checking and cleaning the measurement data, using them together with an appropriate wind flow model in order to generate wind maps over the project areas, that should be representative of the long-term wind conditions. These are used in combination with area constraints to optimize the energy production of the turbines. The evaluation of the production losses and uncertainties on the methodology are also part of the scope, so that production results can be presented as bankable P90 reports.