3E gathering momentum in Maghreb region



Since early 2015, 3E has worked over more than 2GW of wind projects in Morocco and Tunisia, for a wide range of European and Moroccan customers. Most of the projects are under development, especially in Tunisia, but Moroccan projects are usually more advanced and 3E is in the process of completing its first full scope Technical Due Diligence in the country.

Régis Decoret, head of Wind, says: “It all started for us with the 850MW tender in Morocco in 2015. We supported a European company optimising its projects for this very competitive tender, but we thought it would stop after the bid submission. However, Morocco is not only an exclusive game for utilities, and the so-called 13/09 Law from 2010 allows private PPAs to be signed, hence a number of smaller wind farm projects being developed across the country. This evolution enabled 3E to support more and more customers with wind measurement campaigns, energy yield assessments, designs and technical Due Diligence services. Tunisia also looks promising and we already have 4 projects under our belt, all initiated and completed in 2016: they are great references”.

On the technical side of things, assessing the energy yield in these 2 countries is slightly more complex than in Europe. Baris Adiloglu, Wind Resource Assessment Team Leader, says: “ We are mostly using CFD models in order to account for terrain complexity, but not exclusively. Thermal aspects can also play an important role in wind climate and are often more direction dependent in these countries. In this sense, CFD tools provide more reliable results since they are capable of handling thermal stability per sector. On another note, losses due to blade degradation and high temperature require a specific analysis since they can represent substantial production losses in this region.”

Blessed with excellent wind and sun conditions, the 2 countries are likely to see a large increase in terms of Renewables in the next coming years, and 3E has already started to support this growth.