3E presents SynaptiQ Building, your AI building manager



3E is proud to present its latest product: SynaptiQ Building. With this latest innovation, 3E delivers improved comfort, energy savings and operational cost reductions for building portfolios.

SynaptiQ Building is a software-based solution that uses artificial intelligence to predict building behaviour and automatically steers the building’s energy systems to anticipate these predictions. The software acts as an intelligence layer on top of the existing Building Management System (BMS), combining it with building monitoring data, weather forecasts, energy pricing predictions and user feedback.

Imagine a typical glass facade office building in mid-season. SynaptiQ Building will anticipate the forecasted solar irradiation for the coming days. The software learns how fast the building will heat up as a result of the sun, allowing it to minimise heating in the morning and avoid overheating in the afternoon.

By anticipating weather fluctuations (warm today, cold tomorrow) instead of reacting to them, SynaptiQ Building makes sure the building is always comfortably warm/cool for its users. At the same time, by foreseeing the heating and cooling demand of the building, SynaptiQ Building saves twice on energy. The software saves on heating in the morning and as a result also less cooling is needed in the afternoon to cool away excessive heat.
And additionally, by improving comfort and ensuring an optimal workspace environment, SynaptiQ Building reduces comfort issues and follow-up. This results in significant savings for the building operator for the follow-up and finetuning of HVAC and BMS (Building Management Systems).

Relying on the build-in artificial intelligence, SynaptiQ Building gets to know the building and its users and continuously and automatically adapts to weather forecast data, changes in user behaviour and other external and internal parameters.

SynaptiQ Building eliminates time and money spent on data analysis, the identification of improvement measures and the decision and implementation process. Using adaptive learning algorithms, SynaptiQ Building continuously recalibrates its steering, guarding initial comfort improvements and savings, and outperforming the current market approach of reactive, ad-hoc finetuning of BMS and HVAC systems.

SynaptiQ Building is currently running on several buildings delivering excellent results. We’re especially proud of the enthusiastic feedback we get from building operators on site, responsible for delivering good comfort while keeping an eye on costs.

Patrick Uytterhoeven, Director Hard Facility Management at SODEXO Belgium testifies : “3E’s solution reduced our energy costs with 30% while significantly improving comfort and reducing the time we spend on operating the building’s energy systems.

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