3E – Reservices final report


REserviceS – Reference Base for Future Network Codes and Market Designs: Ancillary Services by renewable energies

REserviceS (Economic grid support from variable renewables) is the first study to investigate wind and solar based grid support services at EU level. It provides technical and economic guidelines and recommendations for the design of a European market for ancillary services, as well as for future network codes within the Third Liberalisation Package.

Electricity grids must be operated safely and efficiently, and technical services provided to transmission and distribution system operators are an essential part of ensuring this. Such services include controlling the frequency and voltage as well as providing reserves. Generally, these so-called ancillary services are provided by large dispatchable power plants. As the share of renewables in the overall energy system continues to rise – regionally expected to meet up to 50% of electricity demand by 2020 – a drastic change in strategy for the procurement of ancillary services is required.

REserviceS encourages the efficient and economic deployment of large shares of renewable energy sources by exploring how wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) plants can provide such services in the future European power system.

Goals of the study

The project investigates the opportunities and costs of providing ancillary services from wind and PV systems by:

  • analysing the needs for ancillary services (e.g. voltage and frequency support) in the European power system, with a growing share of variable renewables;
  • identifying which ancillary services wind and PV can provide and which are of interest to system operators, today and in the future;
  • analysing factors influencing the provision of ancillary services by wind and PV;
  • creating a European harmonised method to calculate the costs for ancillary services provided  by wind and PV.

This way, REserviceS will encourage the completion of an EU single electricity market with cost-efficient integration of variable renewables, improved grid management, and increased electricity system security.

Final report