3E strengthens its commitment to the French market



Throughout the last few years, the French renewable market has been gaining momentum on both its solar and wind portfolios, consequently having an impact on the goals that were defined. The 2023 objectives were set at 26 GW for Wind and 20 GW for PV. At the end of 2018, onshore wind is on its way to achieve 60% and solar PV 50% of the 2023 target.

The 2023-2028 multi-annual energy plan is currently being debated, but the commitment to bring down the nuclear electricity production within the French energetic mix to 50% is a clear and positive sign for the renewable industry.

3E France has seen its major partners increase their objectives in development, investment and constructions of wind and solar assets for the next few years. As a result, 3E France has been able to grow significantly and looks forward to consolidate its market position as one of the market leaders and as a preferred technical advisor for the renewable industry.

To do so, 3E France is relocating and expanding both its presence in Toulouse and Paris .

Nicolas Mercier, Business Development Manager France: “We look forward to the next few years, as we have a thriving and challenging environment to challenge ourselves with and a French national market to nearly double in the next decade in both solar and wind. With more than 20 years of experience, 3E has been a key player to support the energy transition at all levels. Our R&D team sets us apart on the market by feeding innovation into our consultancy & software services, enabling us to stay on top of the game. Furthermore, our asset management tool SynaptiQ is a market reference delivering value during the full operational lifetime of assets.

Rogelio Avendaño Reyes, heading the Toulouse office adds: “Though focused on the French market, we also look forward to support our French clients with their projects abroad. 3E offers technical services not only on solar and wind, but also on grid integration, and storage – essential in most markets.”