3E supports EPIA in analysing large-scale integration of solar PV in the European grids for ‘Connecting the Sun’ report


3E supported EPIA with technical analysis and extensive modelling of the impact of large-scale integration of wind and solar electricity on the European power system for the association’s latest report.

Launched on October 17th, EPIA’s Connecting the Sun report investigates the impact of large shares of PV on the European distribution and transmission system. The first analysis of its kind at European level, the report maps out and analyses PV integration scenarios through 2030, focusing on challenges, solutions and the cost impact of large-scale integration. It also highlights the complementarity of wind and solar power as a crucial aspect of possible solutions for enabling large-scale integration.

3E analysed the amount and time horizon of renewable energy sources excess generation and the steepness and frequency of renewable power ramps. These new key indicators and the conclusions of 3E’s analysis were central to developing concrete proposals and recommendations for Connecting the Sun.

Find out more: download information and the full Connecting the Sun report on www.connectingthesun.eu