3E’s solar thermal expertise valued on both sides of Belgium



In 2014 3E assessed the quality and performance level of 50 solar thermal systems in operation in Flanders, on behalf of the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA).
50 residential solar water heaters were screened on their sizing, component integration, regulation and productivity. The overall performance of each system and opportunities for improvement were compiled in a so called “solar thermal system inspection report”.
Both individual and collective housing systems were inspected.
Results of the study showed several weak points of the installed systems such as design/dimensioning of the system, regulation and compatibility with classical heating system. This will allow the Flemish government to better support the training of installers and improve the subsidy scheme.



In 2015, for the third year in a row, 3E was appointed by SPW DGO4 as the “Facilitateur Solaire Thermique Grands Systèmes” !
In that frame, we offer free technical guidance to any solar thermal project developer, by phone, e-mail or on site. 3E is supporting the development of solar thermal technology and acting as reference expert in solar thermal energy for the Walloon Region since 2001, by organizing seminars, realizing feasibility studies, reviewing tender documents and providing on-site inspections…