5 years of performance optimisation on the Solar Tunnel



5 years of performance optimisation on the 4 km long solar system on the roof of the high-speed train tunnel between Brussels and Amsterdam

Since its construction date in 2011, the tunnel roof for the high-speed train between Brussels and Amsterdam has been covered with an exceptional 4 MWp PV system, 4 km long, feeding into the network of the railway operator. That’s equivalent to the average annual consumption of nearly 1,000 homes.

The tunnel was originally constructed to protect the region’s forests by diverting trains, rather than felling ancient trees. But now it’s playing an even larger environmental role.

The annual availability and the performance ratio of the PV system have been increasing year after year as a result of effective O&M services of Solora, the independent O&M service provider.

Solora services a portfolio of over 140 MWp on more than 400 solar plants, using SynaptiQ as its performance monitoring and optimisation tool.