50% more PV on the low voltage networks without reaching grid saturation?


It is possible, according to the latest results of metaPV research project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by 3E.

Active photovoltaic installations equipped with intelligent inverters could increase capacity on local networks instead of hindering it, in some cases, for a fraction of the price of traditional grid reinforcements. This was recently confirmed by metaPV analyses and is being demonstrated in the real world in several towns in north-eastern Belgium. Following several recent cases of grid connection closure for new installations in various parts of Europe, the project, scheduled to run through to 2014, is expected to provide timely and intelligent alternative techniques for grid operators.

Achim Woyte, coordinator of the project and 3E R&D Manager for Research, explained this analysis and the set-up of the innovative demonstration in an interview published in the latest issue of the Renouvelle newsletter. See the whole interview (in French) in issue n° 45 of the newsletter (www.renouvelle.org) or find out more about the project at www.metaPV.eu.