Action plan for energy-efficiency in Flemish SMEs



Last year 3E was appointed by the Flemish Energy Agency to work out an action plan to promote SME’s energy-efficiency. The final report has now been made public and can be found here (unfortunately only in dutch).

Some key insights resulting from our analysis:

  • Industrial SME’s and companies active in the building industry represent a primary energy consumption of 56 PJ which is almost 15% of total industrial energy consumption including the building sector.
  • However, large differences can be observed between different sub-sectors as well as between different sizes of SME’s.
  • Especially medium sized enterprises (50-249 employees) account for 63,5% of total SME energy consumption. On the other hand, SME’s in food, chemicals and the construction industry account for 60% of all energy.
  • In terms of energy savings potential industrial SME’s show a potential of 15% whereas SME’s active in the construction sector have a savings potential of 19%.
  • One should take into account the relatively high paybacks of energy savings investments which are actually blocking substantial part of this potential.
  • 3rd party schemes together with EPC-parties might be an alternative as long as appropriate funding/guarantee schemes are made available. Another option consists in setting up compulsory measures like “mini-EBO’s”. But then one should be aware that such policies will not be applauded by the entrepreneurial community and might be difficult to enforce.
  • Finally whatever measure is put in place, to be successful, it is crucial to keep policies as simple as possible, focusing on best-practices and setting up a trust relationships with these target SME’s.

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