Alternative power solutions in Liberia



In Liberia, 3E has been appointed by the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) to perform a pre-feasibility assessment on options for sustainable power supply in public services.

There are many infrastructural shortcomings complicating the service outreach and adequate functioning of county administrations, sector offices and their service delivery; poor energy security being a major challenge. Today diesel driven generators supply electricity to most existing administrative offices, social and security infrastructures (county and district sector administration, health centres, schools, police stations, border posts,…). However, their access to energy is limited due expensive fuel and challenging transport logistics. These centres will be in a position to run and provide better services if they had access to electricity from renewable energy systems 24 hours a day, instead of a few hours or not at all, as it is today.

The scope of the assignment is including a mission to determine the foreseen number of centers and their energy requirements. A cost benefit analysis of PV-systems versus diesel generators and versus hybrid systems will be prepared. It will enable the Government of Liberia to compare full life cycle costs, benefits and risks of several electricity supply options in terms of Financial-, Environmental- and Social- benefits. A mapping of other development partners (USAID, EU, WB, AfDB) future support in renewable energy is included in the study in order to help the SIDA to prioritize their support.