Are your noise curtailment rules correctly applied ?


As the available space for siting wind turbines is becoming more and more limited, the erection of wind turbines occurs more and more frequently in challenging areas. In order to fulfill the environmental requirements for such places, limitations are imposed to wind turbines.

These rules have a major impact on the energy produced by the wind farm. It is therefore very important that they are correctly applied. Unfortunately, although these rules are relatively simple – the wind turbine switching to specific operating mode for specific wind direction ranges – it may be very difficult to check the correct application.

The first issue is related to the fact that usually no signal is provided by the turbine to notice the switch to a different operating mode. Therefore, the operating mode has to be inferred from a detailed analysis of the SCADA data.

3E has just released an original method to automatically detect the current operating mode of a wind turbine. This method is based on a 2D statistical analysis of the torque curve (torque versus active power) in order to accurately detect the various operating curves. Once these curves are identified, the operating mode used by the turbine at each moment can be identified.

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The second issue is related to the reliability of the wind direction measurement. Indeed, any offset on this channel directly leads to an incorrect application of the curtailment rules. To solve this issue 3E has also just released a method using change point analysis in order to automatically detect change in nacelle wind vane offset.