Arrowhead, 3E’s data services enabled by the latest internet-of-things technology



The Arrowhead project is a collaborative R&D project, initiated by a consortium of more than 70 European partners, aimed at enabling collaborative automation for networked embedded devices.

The Arrowhead framework consists of a set of software components, tools and conventions for connecting devices and services. These devices and analysis services can automatically register, detect others and communicate with each other and as such collaborate within and across local system boundaries.

In the project, the technology is demonstrated in 5 application verticals: manufacturing, smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility, energy production and the virtual market of energy.
The proposed framework implementation has already been recognised as a game changer in the automation industry and is subject to several standardisation efforts.

As a consortium partner, 3E contributed to the requirements and the design of the Arrowhead framework, based on its experience in energy system automation and data services. The new architecture is not only used to deliver data services in SynaptiQ, but also for the 3E forecasting services, resource data delivery and other analysis services. This allows for further cost reduction and improved interoperability for our customers.

Arrowhead, Ahead of the future,
ARTEMIS Innovation Pilot Project: Arrowhead
ARTEMIS is the European Technology Platform for Embedded Computing Systems.
3E’s activities in the Arrowhead project are co-financed by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation.
Grant agreement no: 332987