Artificial intelligence improves comfort and cuts energy costs in buildings



3E launched SynaptiQ Building (<, an AI software that uses self-learning algorithms to automatically steer energy systems in buildings. The software anticipates weather forecasts, energy prices, user behaviour and changing building characteristics. It acts as an intelligence layer on top of the existing Building Management System (BMS), optimising HVAC parameters.

One of the clients to apply SynaptiQ Building is Sodexo, global leader in Quality of Life Services. The results for their 10.000 m² Belgian headquarters over the last eight months are impressive:

  1. Recurring Savings of € 85,000/year
  2. Energy Cost Savings of 35%
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction of 327 ton/year
  4. Improved Comfort: from 20 to zero comfort complaints
  5. Operational cost reduction of ¼ of a FTE
  6. Payback time of a couple of months

Sodexo’s director of Hard Facility Management – Patrick Uytterhoeven stated: “3E’s solution reduced our energy costs with 35% while significantly improving comfort and reducing the time we spend on operating the building’s energy systems”.

Bruno De Bruyne’s – operational & technical manager – added: “My involvement allowed me to get a better understanding of our HVAC systems and its control strategy. SynaptiQ Building is now operational for 8 months, allowing us to generate substantial savings while improving the comfort significantly for the building users”.

You can request the detailed SynaptiQ Building report below.