Asset managers turn to satellite irradiance data



EnerVest starts using 3E satellite irradiance data to take Solar Asset Management to the next level

Since last September, EnerVest Belgium has implemented a contract with 3E encompassing the delivery of detailed irradiance data for all the plants in its portfolio. They are delivered on a monthly basis.

The granularity and quality of this data allow EnerVest to optimise their Solar Asset Management services in many ways:

  • Revenue and yield reporting is from now on done including a correction for irradiance, which paints a clearer picture with respect to the technical performance of a plant. Indeed, the outage of one or two inverters can very easily be masked by the advent of a month in which the Sun shines more than average.
  • Production losses can now be calculated independently of the weather, which allows for a more correct estimation and ultimately reimbursement for the client, especially in the case where long-term losses must be predicted.
  • Thanks to the historical data, it is also possible to do limited yield and revenue forecasting.
  • Lastly, performance of on-site irradiance sensors can be benchmarked to the satellite data. This allows for a better follow-up and ultimately also higher trustworthiness of the sensor data.

Using irradiance data from a satellite source has specific advantages:

  • Besides the lack of maintenance needed compared with local irradiance measurement devices, satellite derived data has the advantage to provide long-term data records with high time resolution and spatial coverage without interruptions.
  • The state-of-the-art satellite derived solar irradiance data provided by 3E’s Solar Resource Data Service makes use of advanced cloud physical properties (CPP) models to derive cloud, precipitation and radiation from instruments on board of satellites. This physics-based, empirically adjusted algorithm enables the continuous monitoring of the physical properties of clouds and the quantification of their influence on surface solar irradiance.

Traditional energy suppliers incessantly track the movement of coal or gas prices. By taking this important step, EnerVest has invested in getting an invaluable insight in our most precious resource: the Sun.

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