Secretary of State visits 3E


The Secretary of State for Scientific Research of the Brussels region, Fadila Laanan, visited the 3E offices. During this visit, she witnessed the positive impact of the policy of the Brussels Region in supporting innovation.


Geert Palmers, ceo of 3E: “ Brussels offers several advantages for an SME as 3E. First of all, the location helps us to attract excellent people from different origins. Secondly, we experience a strong and leveraging regional innovation policy, crucial to maintain our competitive position internationally”.

To stay competitive, 3E needs to continue investing in new features and abilities in line with the future energy market needs. Innoviris (The administrative agency whose mission is the promotion and support of technological innovation) supports 3E in creating the next generation of the SynaptiQ software. It includes advanced methods to improve performance, like control features. Additionally, a series of investments in ICT will be done focussing on scalability, and the next generation massive device interaction abilities.

Beside its software development, Innoviris also played a decisive role in the establishment of a spin-off company of 3E, namely XANT.
XANT ( offers innovative mid-size (50-500 kW) wind turbines for distributed-generation and off-grid applications. Alex De Broe, ceo of XANT: “XANT would not have existed without the support and coaching of Innoviris. We have received different types of support from Innoviris: not only R&D funding in the high-risk innovation phase, but also financial support for the development of the business strategy (through the Spin-off in BXL program) and support for protecting the intellectual property through patent filing. Their contribution really accelerated XANT’s ‘go-to-market’“.

Geert Palmers: “The regional innovation policy was and is crucial for 3E and its spin-offs. Innoviris has played an enabling and leveraging role in the development of the company over the last years.”

Check out the reportage from the Brussels TV channel below (only in Dutch/French).