The benefits of Lidar measurements for hub height simulations



Reduction in vertical extrapolation uncertainty using short-term Lidar campaign measurements

3E participated in the EWEA Resource Assessment workshop which took place in Helsinki on the second and third of June. The Resource Assessment 2015 workshop had a specific focus on dealing with and reducing uncertainty.

Consultants are more and more confronted with cases where Short-term Lidar measurements are available, in addition to mast measurements at a height lower than the planned hub height. In such a case, hub height Lidar measurements can theoretically be used in order to reduce the uncertainty component related to vertical extrapolation. However, there is currently no consensus on how to do that nor on the quantification of the associated benefits.

3E investigated this topic, aiming at:

• Determining which method provides the least uncertainty,
• Assessing the relationship between the duration of Lidar measurements and uncertainty

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