Abattoir Anderlecht – Brussels

October 19, 2016


Client:  Abatan NV
Size:  9.700m² food market, 2.200m² shops, 2.500m² dwellings
Period:  2011 – 2012


3E supported the project team (architect, office special techniques, etc) with the aim of designing a cost efficient energy concept for the entire project.

The shops and dwellings are conditioned and form a defined and insulated heated volume. Through dynamic simulations, the dwellings were optimised to reach the passive house standard and a comfortable inside temperature during summer. However, for a number of residential units using the current design, the heat demand either couldn’t be sufficiently reduced or the summer comfort temperature couldn’t be guaranteed. The shops were optimised to be an exemplary building, where passive measures guarantee a comfortable inside temperature during summer.

The covered food market is closed off from the external environment for hygiene reasons, but the accessible areas for visitors are not actively cooled or heated, only ventilated. The actual cooling cells are conceived as box-in-box insulated and conditioned rooms. Dynamic simulations showed that the market building does not take advantages of insulating the building envelope. The efforts to maintain a certain indoor temperature in winter are limited. In summer, the indoor temperatures rise significantly but are not critical, partly due to the massive concrete structure. A combination of solar control measures and night cooling is sufficient to guarantee a comfortable indoor temperature during summer in the food market.