Brussels Regional Parliament – Brussels

October 19, 2016


Client:  Brussels Regional Parliament
Period:  2009 – 2013
Size:  1.800 m²
Team:  Skope, 3E, Grontmij, Pirnay, Jacques Delens


This new construction is an office building adjacent to the Brussels Regional Parliament in the historical centre of Brussels. The building was designed by the architect firm Cooparch, with a double transparent envelope on almost all facades.

3E supported the architects throughout the design phase, to enable the development of an integrated building and energy concept. 3E developed the energy concept proposals based on 3D dynamic modelling of the building, with a goal to come as close as possible to passive standards within strict budgetary constraints.

3E proposed a series of combined energy concept measures for building envelope and systems, and guided architects and owners in their energy choices. 3E also supported the project stakeholders as consultant, with analyses and evaluations for the Belgian high performance building energy certification (PEB/EPB).

The energy concept selected includes:

  • Ventilated double envelope
  • Solar protections between the principal façade and the double envelope
  • Two cooling plans offered through the ventilation system: adiabatic and top-cooling
  • Free cooling through the double envelope during the day and mechanical free cooling during the night (if necessary)
  • CO2 detection in the meeting rooms and the multi-purpose room.

Some building specifications based on EPB results:

  • Energy performance: E53
  • Thermal insulation: K17
  • U average: 0.31 W/m²K
  • Heat/cool demand: +/- 30kWh/m².yr
  • Airtightness: limited to 2 vol/h
  • Lighting consumption: +/- 20kWh/m²
  • Ventilation with heat recovery (η=75%)