Château Montrose vineyard – Positive energy renovation – France

October 19, 2016


Client:  Bouygues, Maurice Berger
Period:  commissioning in 2008
Size:  13.000 m²


The vineyard of Chateau Montrose comprises a set of buildings (vat room, barrel cellars, bottles cellars,…) representing a total surface of 13 000 m². The new owners of the estate chose to renovate the site completely, maintaining the organization and layout of existing building while harmonizing and completing them, and improving overall energy performance.

The owners are continuously improving the site and wish to develop it as a showcase of high energy performance technologies and possibilities. 3E’s analyses serve as a guiding framework for these energy developments.

3E acted as energy consultant for the project owner, providing guidance on strategic and technological choices for the overall development of a positive energy site which would produce more energy than it consumes. On one hand, 3E performed renewable energy resource analyses to assess potential for integration of various renewable energy technologies, including, wind, solar PV and locally sourced biomass. On the other hand, 3E performed in-depth dynamic simulations of the buildings to develop integrated energy concepts for building improvements, heating, air conditioning, lighting and building integrated energy systems.
3E proposed options to improve all building energy performance to passive or low energy standards, with consumption ratios of 20 kWh/m².year. This is to be achieved with the implementation of high insulation, heat recovery, and ground-coupled heat exchangers, in addition to the integration of geothermal, solar PV and solar thermal systems. Wind energy production was also selected as a viable and interesting option for the site.

Project systems & performance:

  • Results of wind study highlighted technical feasibility of installing wind turbines with a power range between 330 kW and 2 MW.
  • Results of the analysis of architectural possibilities for building integrated photovoltaics revealed potential for a 3 450 m² installation. Owners selected several options in the 300 to 600 kWp range
  • Chosen energy concept s include geothermal and solar thermal systems
  • Building optimization to reach consumption ratios of 20 kWh/m².year