Compas Brussels

July 5, 2016


Client:  CityDev
Location:  Brussels, Belgium
Period:  2015
Team:  Immo BAM, DDS & Partners Architects, Atlante, M&R, 3E, Eole, Establis, Venac and Abesco


COMPAS, the new sustainable district launched by Citydev & SLRB, will reinforce the urban refurbishment of “Les Abattoirs” in Brussels with 129 dwellings and a nursery. The collaborative work between the different design team partners has made it possible to develop a qualitative project where the buildings themselves are used to reach the sustainability goals. Beyond passive buildings with 0-energy dwellings, water management has been one of the major aspects. Situated on a site with a risk of flooding, mitigation measures have driven the design: green roofs, open water storage (canal, wady), public spaces covered with threes wisely positioned to evaporate and infiltrate rainwater, and public spaces designed with a storage function. Rainwater is reused on site for gardens and cleaning purposes, whereas grey water is recycled for toilet use.