De Duurzame Wijk – Waregem

July 5, 2016


Client:  Wienerberger
Location:  Waregem, Belgium
Period:  2011-2016
Team:  Wienerberger, Eribo, Wielfaert architecten, 3E


With ‘De Duurzame Wijk’, 3E is participating in a pioneer project: a NZEB neighbourhood where affordability is a must and in line with Belgian building tradition. ‘De Duurzame Wijk’ is a project supported by Wienerberger. 3E guides Wienerberger during design, construction and operational phase and links the client, the architect and the contractor.

To reach the NZEB objective, different energy concepts (both building envelope and techniques) were analysed in detail on both energy performance and general sustainability to come to the cost-optimal concept for this neighbourhood. Furthermore, 3E analysed how the remaining energy demand could be covered by renewable energy.

Regarding sustainability, 3E analysed the site layout, building materials, surroundings, biodiversity, water management, etc. To analyse and quantify these sustainability aspects, 3E used the BREEAM methodology. The goal is to reach the BREEAM ‘excellent’ certificate for this project.

With affordability being key to sustainable and energy efficient buildings (and a major priority to the client), 3E conducted a full Life Cycle Cost analysis for this project. The goal was to quantify the morecost (which was minimal) of a NZEB-dwelling anno 2013 and to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership over 30 years. Based on this analysis, envelope measures and techniques were optimised to achieve a cost-optimal design.