Energy transition for social housing – Godarville

October 19, 2016


Client:  La Ruche Chapelloise
Period:  January – July 2016
Period:  +/- 1300 dwellings


The social housing company ‘La Ruche Chapelloise’ has the ambition to drastically improve the sustainability of its housing stock, counting over 1300 dwellings, by introducing renewable energies en energy efficiency. 3E was contracted to make an optimised proposal for possible energy concepts for different types of dwellings.

In order to identify the most optimal solutions, a first step was to undertake a very broad diagnostic of possible renewable energy technologies: PV panels, geothermal heat pumps, air / water heat pumps, water / water heat pumps connected to the canal, heat net with a biomass boiler, wind turbines… They were evaluated based on different parameters, resulting in a shortlist of possible combined solutions.

The energy concepts were compared based on the investment cost, maintenance cost, energy cost for the tenant, total cost of ownership over 20 years, CO2 emissions and EPB ratings. For each of these case studies, 3E recommendations where adopted by La Ruche Chapelloise.

Additionally to this techno-economic analysis, 3E also went a step further in the implementation of the energy transition in practice for the clients’ activities, by defining alternative methods of funding. One of the studied possibility is to move towards an ESCO financing structure, for which the key financial parameters have also been identified.