ESCO4Gent – Feasibility study ESCO approach for SME’s

July 5, 2016


Client:  Agentschap Ondernemen
Period:  2014 – present
Team:  Quares, Stad Gent, 3E, Rebel


The goal of this study is to acquire insight into the energy savings potential, the challenges and the opportunities of an ESCO approach for SME’s.  The consortium adopted its multidisciplinary approach on two industrial sites (Drongen I and Industrieweg) in Ghent, focussing not on a certain market sector or technology but on the specific location. For each of these industrial sites, a non-profit organisation for sustainable business management is already active, promoting further cooperation between the companies and the different governmental organisations.

By selecting two very different industrial sites with a wide range of SME’s regarding market sector, size, viability and real estate typologies (owner-user, single-tenant, multi-tenant buildings, etc.), a representative sample of Flemish SME’s was obtained. All within the workable scale of a city (Ghent) that supports new pilot projects.

Based on the results of these pilot projects, the consortium wants to draft a legally and financially viable business plan for future ESCO’s. In order to create concrete opportunities for location-based ESCO’s, all legal, financial, technical and contractual obstacles and risks are mapped and discussed within the steering committee and translated into clear solutions and recommendations. By integrating the ESCO pilot projects into the ongoing site management, they can be closely monitored and fine-tuned.

Within this project, 3E defined the energy savings potential for SME’s for the two industrial sites and gave advice with regard to the business plan, contract specifications and boundary conditions for ESCO’s.

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