Feasibility study for the development of multi-criteria panel for buildings

March 20, 2017

Client:  Eternit (ETEX GROUP) and Unilin (MOHAWK GROUP)
Period:  2011 – 2012
Team:  3E, Th!nk E


The subject of this feasibility study is to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of a multi-criteria panel to realise a substantial improvement of the existing building stock. This would allow the partners, i.e. Eternit, Unilin and 3E, to respond to the growing need for affordable solutions for carrying out large-scale renovations.

The innovative panel must achieve a breakthrough in renovation by offering the option to quickly and efficiently improve housing thermally, technically and qualitatively, with minimal disruption to residents and the surrounding area.

For this purpose, a panel is designed whereby, additionally to insulation and exterior cladding, all other technologies and conduits are integrated: ventilation, wiring for new electricity, if necessary, pipes for heating, cooling, monitoring and communication cabling, etc. By working in a modular and integrated manner, a significant cost savings can be realised, disruption compared to a traditional renovation can be greatly reduced, a reproducible product becomes available, a considerable improvement in comfort is achieved in buildings, alternative financing concepts become a possibility, etc.

With this project, the consortium aims to be the first to contribute towards upgrading the existing building stock with a high quality multi-criteria, all-in-one concept and at the same time create a significant development in Flanders.

For this project, 3E provided specific technical and financial advice, ranging from the technical feasibility of the concept to the market positioning of such a product.