Feasibility study (green) waste heat recovery

July 5, 2016


Client:  POM West-Flanders
Period:  2015
Team:  Ingenium en IEE


The ARBOR framework gave the “POM West-Flanders” the opportunity to investigate the technical and financial feasibility of waste heat recovery in the zone Meulebeke-Ingelmunster-Oostrozebeke-Wielsbeke. 3E, Ingenium and IEE carried out the study in close cooperation with the “POM West-Flanders”.

An inventory of available waste heat was made based on audits of the largest potential waste heat producers. The most important parameters that were taken into account are power, temperature regime and availability of the waste heat throughout the year.

The focus was on green waste heat, but interesting residual sources of fossil origin were part of the scope as well. The initial inventory of heat consumers made by POM was further refined in this project. The mapping of potential heat suppliers and consumers offered the possibility to carry out a feasibility study for the entire area. Part II and Part III judged different scenarios (based on geographical clusters) on their technical and financial feasibility. The project team examined both the possibility of heat networks and mobile heat. During the project two focus groups ensured the necessary interaction with the stakeholders (companies, distribution grid operators, and local governments).