How to become an NZEB expert?

July 5, 2016


Period:  2015 – present
Team:  DMI Vastgoed, Louis De Waele, CORES Development, Willemen Real Estate


In order to stay ahead of the new strict energetic regulations towards 2020, real estate developers need to consolidate their business model and make the difference on the market. With that in mind and by focusing on the need of our clients, 3E has developed a half-day training to guide real estate developers into the development of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

This half-day training helps you to better understand the current EPB regulations in the 3 Belgian regions and how it might evolve towards NZEB. We explain how this fast-changing environment will impact your daily work, from the design stage until the post-construction stage. It gives you all the tools to manage your design team, by understanding the challenges of NZEB concerning envelope and technical installations. It will help you implement an ambitious energy design and challenge your design team by asking the right questions at the right moment in time.

The workshop is suited for small and big groups (in function of the desired interaction) and ends by taking a wider view and focusing on the environmental certifications. This interactive training has already been given several times and analyses a variety of examples and studies based on 3E projects.