Inventory of Residual Heat Potential – Port of Antwerp

January 25, 2019

Client: Antwerp Port Authority
Period: 2009 – 2010
Team: 3E and MWH


A certain amount of residual heat at different temperature levels is available from various companies in the port area of Antwerp. The potential for energy-savings through the useful application of such residual heat from third parties has largely been ignored until now, because different thresholds need to be overcome to achieve these savings, including technical, organisational, legal and financial matters. The Antwerp Port Authority and the Corporation for the port policy and the industrial estate policy for the Left Bank of the Scheldt therefore requested identification of the heat surpluses within the port area and an inventory of the demand for heating and cooling within and just outside the port area.

The study was awarded to MWH, which collaborated with 3E for this purpose. In addition to developing a survey tool and a GIS application, 3E’s expertise was especially required for mapping the energy demand outside industrial environments (offices, hospitals, nursing homes, communities) – an extremely important factor in evaluating residual heat transfer to the city via a heating network.