Josaphat – Brussels

January 25, 2019


Client: IDEA Consult
Period: 2014
Team: MSA, IDEA Consult and 3E


This project concerns the masterplanning of a wasteland in Brussels and its redevelopment for new residential buildings, offices buildings and the required infrastructure. 3E provided strategic guidance on energy & comfort design and water management.

Based on the initial situation, 3E came up with a sustainable water management design for the different districts. This was then translated into requirements for future project developers. With regard to infiltration responsiveness of the soil, a minimalist and maximalist scenario were studied. The maximalist scenario integrated a rainwater network with wadis taking into account the phasing by which the entire site will be redeveloped.

Different energy ambition levels were evaluated (passive, NZEB, share of renewable energy) at building level (residences and offices) as well as at site level. A wide range of technological solutions were analysed within the different ambition level scenarios. Through Life Cycle Cost analyses, cost-optimal solution(s) to reach the NZEB objective have been identified.