Kuborn – Brussels

January 25, 2019


Client: CityDev
Period: 2014
Size: +/- 120 dwellings
Team: CEI De Meyer (BAM group), DDS & Partners, 3E, VK Engineering, Establis and Eole


This new building, located close to the Brussels Canal (Rue Kuborn), houses 120 new passive dwellings.
During the competition phase, 3E guided the building team in all the aspects of energy concept design and general sustainability. The team’s proposal received the best score on sustainability and ecology. This collaboration between architects, landscape architects, HVAC engineers and the contractor resulted into a proposal made of the following elements:

  • Specific design of the building to improve solar gains;
  • Cost-optimal energy concept and technologies according to the energy and sustainability objectives;
  • Rainwater management including e.g. green roofs, water infiltration, wady, rainwater tanks, greywater recycling, etc.;
  • The possibility to easily convert the tower into an office building;
  • Shared spaces promoting neighbourly interactions;
  • High level of biodiversity and a bicycle parking.