Martelaarssite – Brussels

January 24, 2019


Client: Advisers
Period: 2017
Surface: +/- 13,000 m²
Team: Advisers, Wessel De Jong, Climatic Design


The multidisciplinary team Advisers & Wessel de Jonge Architects – together with 3E en Climatic Design Consult – gathered together in June 2017 to design an integrated, sustainable, flexible and future-proofed building concept located on the Martelaarssite, property of the Flemish authority, in the centre of Brussels.
The aim was to set up a feasible energy ambition from the perspective of life-cycle analysis (LCA) combined with the highes possible sustainability score (using the sustainability tool GRO).

3E was in charge of the following 3 tasks:

  • LCA-study: to assess the global environmental impact of new technical installations and insulation.
  • GRO-study : several renovation scenarios were compared against each other wrt energy, material use, comfort, green surfaces , water use, …
  • Hygrothermal study: cold bridge simulations, visual inspections and technical analyses from past execution plans allowed us to assess the feasibility of insulating the buildings form the inside. This, to keep the heritage of such buildings while enabling a sustainable retrofit of the buildings.